Table of the difficulties of our summer activities

Physical and technical difficulties

degre-1Thematic walk on flat to rolling ground.

No technical knowledge, accessible to the general public.

Effective walk of less than 2 hours and elevation up to 200m per day.


Hiking on flat to rolling ground.

No technical knowledge required.

Accessible in sports footwear.

Effective walk from 1 to 3 h and elevation up to 500m per day.


Mountain trekking requiring a good physical condition.

Partly, on steep ground, exposed passages Possible.

Footwear for safe hiking is necessary.

Effective walk from 3 to 6h and elevation up to 1000m per day.


Mountain trekking requiring an excellent physical condition.

Exposed passages with risks of falls which can be insured by ropes or chains, but require a sure foot. On rare occasions, hands may be used to keep balance.

Good hiking shoes with rigid soles are absolutely necessary.

                          Walk of more than 6h and elevation up to over 1000m per day.

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