Corine Estoppey

Corine Estoppey

The "dynamic" one of the team

Mountain leader since 2009, specialist in barefoot walks and edible plants.


"Feeling great in her shoes" (and also without her hiking shoes), she is always bubbly, overflowing with energy, creative with plenty of good ideas.


Corine is in love with the nature and an adventuress open to the world!


She spent her childhood between the French -speaking and the German-speaking part of Switzerland.

After an apprenticeship of watchmaking in Solothurn, she went to work in canton of Jura.  

The wooded pastures and the Doubs region let her discover that the world is not limited to 10 cm².

She left her job, became an independent watchmaker, began her training of mountain leaders and discovered hiking on the same occasion.

Since then, she knows perfectly well the region of the Doubs and the Jura pastures.

She is an adventurer who loves discovering other countries, other cultures and to meet their inhabitants for long stays (Turkey, Nepal, etc. ).

One of her latest adventures: the path of Santiago de Compostela (860 kms on foot in 5 ½ weeks)

Languages spoken

  • French
  • German
  • English


Sleeps better under beautiful stars than in her bed

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