Trails with a mountain leader

The mountain leader is a graduate of professional hiking who leads clients in mountain environments, with the exception being to land requiring the use of the equipment or techniques of mountaineering (this being the area of high mountain guides).

Their field of activity extends from plains to heights. In winter, they also lead snowshoe hikes.

Their strengths are expertise in security, their ability to animate and communicate, without forgetting theirs solid knowledge of nature.

They will enable you to discover in a lively way through their stories, anecdotes and knowledge the wealth of the natural environment, human, and of local heritage, and thereby add a 4th dimension to each hike.

They design and lead hikes from one to several days, from a stroll to a more strenuous hike , so that everyone can find an outing adapted to his or her level and cravings.

In Switzerland, the training is done at the school of mountain accompanists of St. Jean in the Val d'Anniviers, in Valais. This takes place over three years and includes 2 modules during summer and a winter module. It is validated by the diploma of mountain leaders.

The diversity of their skills allows them therefore to exercise all year round and in all the mountain massifs of the five continents.

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