Xavier Denys

Xavier Denys

The "wise" one of the team

Mountain leader since 2003, a passion for Ornithology, a gourmet of edible plants and igloo builder.

Curious by nature and insatiable traveler, Xavier loves to travel throughout the world and discover its wealth, binoculars around his neck.

Once his studies in biology were finished, he left Switzerland for the Mercantour National Park, lived his passion: the mountain, it travels through by foot, by ski or vertically at the end of a rope!

And then, between two trips to Asia and Brazil, he put his swag down on the shores of the lake of Neuchâtel, from where he can observe birds, his new passion. 

From the Himalayan mountains to the Finnish Archipelago, passing by the Jura forests and the plains in Romania, he indulges in large spaces preserved where man coexists with the natural environment with simplicity and harmony.

Keen on ornithology and passionate in nature, he will take you with enthusiasm off the beaten track to discover the richness of the countryside from here and elsewhere.

Languages spoken

  • French
  • English


Can spot a feathered beast in a radius of one kilometer.

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